ROMO Peritatges .

Peritus Peritia


  • Prior study and feasibility report
  • Accident reconstruction with physical calculations
  • Virtually animated reconstruction
  • Biomechanical analysis of vehicle damage
  • Speed calculation​and accelerations experienced by vehicle occupants during an accident


  • All types of vehicles
  • Industrial ships
  • Dwellings 
  • Parkings


  • Construction errors
  • Projects and construction management
  • Certificate of occupancy


  • All types of buildings: urbanistic valuations, rural land, buildings in technical and economic in ruins, evaluation of rental properties, fixed price state subsidized housing valuation, green areas, facilities areas …
  • Dwelling estate.
  • Industrial estate.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • All types of vehicles.
  • Risk inspection for contracting an apropriate, full coverage insurance


  • Investigation of occupational accidents
  • Expert reports on work accidents
  • Expert reports on Benefit Surcharges
  • Expert reports on Machine Safety
  • Reconstruction of work accidents
  • Advice for asbestos damage.

Vehicles .

  • Private, industrial, transportation, agricultural

  • Evaluation of the insured party

  • Evaluation of market value (space), venal value and / or real or technical value

  • Damage evaluation

  • Repairing monitoring, control and verification

  • Status certificate for vehicles in final renting or leasing

  • Evaluation of the cause and origin of each type of breakdown 

  • Inspection of breakdown for cars with manufacturer and repair shop warranty

  • Fire investigation 

  • Vehicle standardization

  • Modification standardization 

  • Certificates, procedures, legalization and reduced records


  • Projects of activities 
  • All types of technical reports: noise, vibration…


  • Valuation of the insured party
  • Study, analysis and interpretation of guaranteed insurance policies.
  • Risk inspection for insurance contracting 
  • Electrical and electronic risks 
  • Fire investigation 
  • Repair control and verification


  • Valuation of the insured party 
  • Study, analysis and interpretation of guaranteed insurance policies 
  • Risk inspection for insurance contracting 
  • Electrical and electronic risks 
  • Fire investigation 
  • Repair control and verification
  • Estate inspection and verification 
  • Malfunctioning or errors of facilities’ construction 

Industrial machinery .

  • Calculation of actual and technical value 
  • Study, analysis and interpretation of insurance policies
  • Electrical and electronic risks 
  • Reports on the production malfunctioning or errors
  • Breakdown inspection for machinery with manufacturer warranty 
  • Machinery breakdown


  • Determining the real or technical value of computer components
  • Advice for troubleshooting
  • Reports on malfunctions or defects in manufacturing or assembly
  • Results from the audit reports and control systems: software (validation of original programs, enforcement of data protection, etc..) Hardware (data securitysystems, electrical protection, etc..), communications (certifications , network security, access control, etc.).


  • Technical consultancy for RC departments, traffic accidents, fire investigations and legal departments
  • Personalized training seminars
  • Specialized training for expert teams 
  • Control and repair process management 


At ROMO PERITUS PERITIA we work together to achieve the best results in all areas, this being possible thanks to the efforts and collaboration of:

  • Industrial engineers
  • Technical mechanical engineers
  • Technical electrical engineers
  • Technical agricultural engineers
  • Techincal automotive engineer
  • Economics graduates
  • Traffic accidents reconstructors
  • Fire investigators
  • Vehicle insurance appraiser
  • I.R.D. insurance appraiser
  • Judicial appraiser
  • Specialists in prevention of occupational risks
  • Specialists in automotive industry leading brands
  • Estate appraiser
  • Testing and analysis laboratories
  • University laboratories
  • Technical architects

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